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Released: 14th June 1999.

Britney Spears - SometimesThe second single from Ms Spears, and this time she slows it down. "Baby One More Time" was No. 1 in almost 20 countries, and the success of this one will determine whether she's a 'one hit wonder' or not. In my opinion it's fantastic; Britney sounds great, and the song is beautiful. It's unlikely to follow the success of the first single, but it could be a second No. 1. Just a shame there's no school uniform in the video...

* * * * * (David Lucas)

This girl has the magic touch! After topping the charts everywhere with "Baby One More Time", she's set to do the same thing again. Although it has a totally different feel, this ballad really showcases her voice and is incredibly catchy. She also looks as great as ever in the song's video. One more time, Britney... please!

* * * * * (Leslie Troung)

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