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Released: 21st June 1999.

A strong club following and a healthy remix could provide this trance epic with the appeal to crossover and chart very highly. True, it may be a little predictable in places and it isn't anything new, but it's a good song nevertheless. Its inclusion on "Trance Nation" and the "Euphoria" CDs can only help.

* * * * (Andy Lamb)

Very nice indeed! This track has some gorgeous samples, interspersed with the obligatory sultry female vocals, "till I come", "change it and see" and so on. Well that's the essence of this dance track, but there is a problem - after the first 60 seconds the novelty begins to wear off, the repetition sets in and, well, you know the deal. Pleasant, but you don't need to buy it unless you're a DJ!

* * * (Lars Janssen)

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