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Released: 21st June 1999.

It's TLC! Well maybe not, but they are managed by T-Boz from TLC, they have the same kind of sound (but a little more laid back), and the same look too. Which is a good thing. "808" is a great piece of R&B and deserves to be a No. 1 hit.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

This song, co-written and produced by R Kelly is extremely cool. It's a great summery song, though the lyrics do leave a lot to be desired. ("You'll be going boom, baby, boom, baby, boom, I'll be going ooh, baby, ooh, baby, ooh!"). It isn't quite as formulaic as a lot of R Kelly material, so don't be put off if you're not a fan of his.

* * * * (Joe Lickens)

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