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Released: 21st June 1999.

Macy Gray has a great voice. Not really the voice of a diva, but more comparable to Louis Armstrong. Apparently this is going to be huge but I don't think it's mainstream enough. Not that that matters. This is extremely funky; if you like soul, R&B, hip hop or jazz you'll almost certainly love it, but it'll also appeal to anyone who likes rock, indie etc. This is very original and a must-buy.

* * * * * (Joe Lickens)

A stunning song that's slightly chilled out and very very good at the end of a hard day's work. Reminds me of a kind of Lena Fiagbe/Erykah Badu type of style, very laid back R&B. It should do well if picked up by more radio stations, but is already getting played on the larger dance stations across the country. The appearance on TFI Friday can only add to its sales.

* * * * * (Andy Lamb)

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