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Released: 21st June 1999.

Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My LoveIt's a good week for R&B this week, with Whitney, Blaque Ivory and 2Pac all releasing singles. In my opinion they'll all be beaten to the top by actress/singer Jennifer Lopez, and her Rodney Jerkins produced single. And so they should! This song's got it all - it's funky, it's catchy, and hey, it's sung by Jennifer Lopez!

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

Hmmmm - actress turned singer. Cliques out the way and this is a really good first effort. Whilst the pop mix chugs along and is a nice friendly version, the better remix comes from Darkchild. It includes samples of Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl", and even has the "beeeellllieeeeevvveeee" effect used by Cher - in fact, this version could be the reason I buy it!

* * * * (Andy Lamb)

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