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Released: 28th June 1999.

Ma$e's latest album is coming out very soon, so soak up all you can of this R&B genius before he leaves to follow God. Blackstreet's vocals on here return the favour that Ma$e gave them on "Take Me There". In my opinion this is better, and I love it. Ma$e may not be the most credible rapper in hip hop circles, but it's all good fun, and he's great.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

Ma$e is unreal! It's scary the amount of 80s hits Puff Daddy and himself can get hold of, add a rap, and there's another hit. Having said that, the sample this time is the rather ace "Night To Remember" by Shalamar, and it actually works quite well. Nothing new though.

* * * (Andy Lamb)

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