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Released: 28th June 1999.

A stroke of pure genius. The Sporty Thievz are the best thing to happen to music recently. Their album was good enough, but re-issued because of this song, it's much improved. One of the funniest songs of the year, "No Pigeons" is a take on TLC's "No Scrubs". It has the same beat, but the lyrics are so funny they could even rival Eminem's.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

Now this is Clever! Sporty Thievz get a little upset at being "dissed" as scrubs by TLC's recent chart offering, and rather offensively hit back with this rip off of their Top 10 hit. The souly vocals are replaced by a hard rap but the backing is exactly the same. There's a shocking version about but the radio version is equally as squeamish. A laugh at first, later easily forgotten

* * * (Andy Lamb)

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