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Released: 5th July 1999.

Gary Barlow - StrongerOh dear, I think Gary's feeling bitter about Robbie's success. And with poor releases like this one he's going to have to carry on feeling down. He goes down the Cher route of weird voice effects, and combines it with a slight disco feel. The end result is nothing special. The lyrics tell Gary's story, but this won't be as successful as his other singles. Watch out Gary, Robbie's stolen your crown.

* * (David Lucas)

The "creative" one from Take That tries to re-invent himself a la Robbie (the comparison was inevitable, best to get it out of the way early). The song's utterly forgettable and increasingly Gary is coming across as being some sort of twisted self-caricature. I'm sure someone likes it, but then again that can be said for almost anything.

* * (Stephen Moore)

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