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Released: 5th July 1999.

Beverley Knight - Greatest DayThe second single from the re-jigged "Prodigal Sista" album, and it's a major tune too. The radio friendly version is nice and summery, but for all those hunters of fine music, find a copy of the "Ruffland Remix", open your windows and let it play - it really is amazing. This version has a slightly more R&B edge and a backing that kind of stop-starts. Love it!

* * * * * (Andy Lamb)

This is a great upbeat track which is likely to do well in the charts with a bit of publicity. It's very catchy, and at times reminds me of Cleopatra (of all people!). It's worth buying if you like pop or R&B, though it might be a good idea to check out her album instead.

* * * * (DS)

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