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Released: 12th July 1999.

Destiny's Child - Bills Bills BillsThey're back! After a short absence between albums (apart from a few soundtracks), Destiny's Child release the first 'proper' single from their new one, and it's great! It kind of picks up where TLC's "No Scrubs" left off, with a laid-back groove in the style of Blaque Ivory's "808". With their incredible vocals, the girls aren't gonna go wrong with a song like this.

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

Destiny's Child haven't had a big hit since last summer, but this should their next one. Currently No. 1 in the US, the song is one of a new generation of lyrical types. TLC were the first to do it with "No Scrubs", and now Destiny's Child try it with "Bills Bills Bills". The song is great and has a similar beat to "No No No".

* * * * * (Na'Cole Santiago)

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