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Released: 12th July 1999.

Steps - Love's Got A Hold On My HeartProbably the biggest pop band at the moment, Steps return with the first single from their second album. And this is the best they have ever done. It still contains that Steps fun song element, but combines a more grown up feel. The end result is catchy and great, and has a dance routine you'll be doing all summer. Steps fans will love this, and it'll also attract others. I reckon it's a definite number one.

* * * * * (David Lucas)

Oh no, the cheesiest group of the year are back with, you guessed it, another cheesy song. I'm actually amazed that Steps have never entered the Eurovision song contest! It's upbeat, and will no doubt be a big hit at kids' discos, but I wish they'd come up with something a bit more original. Or better still, go away for, hmmm, at least a year.

* * (DS)

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