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Released: 9th August 1999.

Mary J. Blige - All That I Can SayAfter the massive success of her duet with George Michael she's back with a very 'Kele Le Roc' sounding record. I heard this once before and wasn't that impressed, but after a second listen, I've discovered that it's not that bad after all. It's upbeat and pretty catchy.

* * * * (DS)

Personally I think Mary's begun to sound a little strange lately. I remember the good old days when she released great songs like "Real Love", "Be Happy" and "Not Gon' Cry", but this one is not my cup of tea at all. It's boring, and does nothing for me. Sure, Lauryn Hill may be a talented writer and producer, but not so with this track. I want more upbeat Mary in future! It's not something I would recommend to "average" Mary fans.

* * (Jens Ingvarsson)

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