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Released: 16th August 1999.

Hepburn - BugsHepburn's second single is another great song that gets into your skull and bounces around there for days. Hepburn are possibly the closest thing we've got today to perfect pop music, and "Bugs" fits nicely into that category. It's fun, it's pacey, and much as I hate to use the word, sassy. If you only buy one record this week then, you don't buy enough records, but make sure it's this one.

* * * * * (Stephen Moore)

Catchy rock/pop at its best! Pump up the volume on your car stereo, wind down all the windows and sing along at the top of your voice. "I Quit" is a difficult single to follow but Hepburn have proven they'll be hitting those high chart positions for a long time to come.

* * * * * (CJB)

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