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Released: 23rd August 1999.

Another Level feat. TQ - SummertimeGet ready to enter another level as the UK kings of R&B return with the fresh and funky sound of "Summertime". Upbeat and full of the joyful vibes of summer, this must surely be one of the lads' biggest hits. The track also features TQ who wrote and produced it, adding yet another level of funk. My one criticism goes out to TQ: Does the Westside have to be mentioned in every one of your tracks?

* * * * * (CJB)

Haven't I heard this somewhere already? Sure enough, this uses the same sample as the Honeyz' album track of the same name. But this version from Another level and TQ sounds a bit dodgy and sometimes a little out of tune. It's not one of my favourite Honeyz songs, and I've definitely heard better from these guys. That said, it's still pretty good and will no doubt do well.

* * * * (DS)

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