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Released: 23rd August 1999.

Moloko - Sing It BackOriginally released last March, it's a mystery why this track wasn't more warmly received. A few months later it's become a bit of a dance anthem - it's played in all the clubs, radio airplay is increasing all the time, and the inevitable re-release is upon us. And all because of one reason: the song is pure class. Great to sing along to, great to dance to, there's no way it can fail this time.

* * * * * (Amir)

This upbeat, catchy track from Moloko is a sure Top 5 hit. The vocals don't mean much and are drowned out by the music but what can be heard of them is very effective and adds to the feel of the song. If dance tracks appeal to you, or if you like most pop music, the chances are that you'll love it.

* * * * (DS)

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