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Released: 23rd August 1999.

Mark Morrison & Conner Reeves - Best FriendBad boy meets good boy on this, Mark's first single since being sent to the slammer. The story of the song is that Mark is going out with Gabrielle and is best friends with Conner. But then Conner (sly devil that he is) has a fling with Gabrielle. Probably the best thing that Mark, Conner or Gabrielle has ever done, don't be surprised if this one tops the chart. Anthem for the summer.

* * * * * (David Lucas)

This song would be brilliant if it weren't a complete rip off of "Loving Your Best Friend" by Eric Benet. It has some great vocals, and is very catchy, but it's a real con. They'll do very well with it I expect, since no one has ever heard of Eric Benet, but they don't deserve to. If I didn't know the far superior original, then I would really like this, but I do know it so I don't.

* * (Joe Lickens)

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