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Released: 30th August 1999.

Martine McCutcheon - I've Got YouAfter the success of "Perfect Moment", Martine's back to prove she's no one-hit-wonder. This slightly weaker track should do the trick and, although it's not as powerful as her last attempt, should become her second Top 5 single. It's quite catchy, and the slow verses combined with the upbeat, louder choruses make it very effective. It reminds me of the style used on Natalie Imbruglia's "Big Mistake".

* * * * (DS)

Martine McCutcheon returns with the insipid, uninspired follow up to "Perfect Moment". Likely to be popular with grandmothers and anyone else with fond memories of "Tiff". Unlikely to be popular with anyone with any taste or discretion in music. Avoid this like the plague.

* (Stephen Moore)

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