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Released: 6th September 1999.

Supergrass - MovingSupergrass continue their rollout of singles from their upcoming album with the upbeat and harmonic "Moving". A down-tempo, ballad-like beginning suddenly explodes into a rousing chorus; a formula not exactly new, but it has that Supergrass likeability and feeling. If the new album follows suit, as with the previous single, "Pumping On Your Stereo", the boys will be onto a winner.

* * * * (Terry Regean)

I desperately wanted to like this single. Supergrass are great, and I love pretty much everything they do. Unfortunately this is the exception that DISproves the rule. It's just bland, faceless and about as exciting as listening to paint dry. Much as I am loathe to say this... avoid.

* * (Stephen Moore)

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