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Released: 6th September 1999.

Thunderbugs - Friends ForeverIn the space of a few months we've already had 21st Century Girls (not good), Hepburn (very good), and these latest arrivals, the Thunderbugs. So what separates them from the other girl bands with guitars? Well, they're a bit older (mid-20s), and judging by their debut single, they seem to have a much better vocalist. Which probably makes all the difference, as this wonderful track has a great singalong feel, and is very hard to dislike.

* * * * * (Amir)

When I visited London last month I saw Thunderbugs posters plastered liberally all over the tube, and I was ready to hate them as "yet another anodyne pre-packaged girl band". So I was very surprised to find that I liked this. OK, so it's not going to set the world on fire, but it's enjoyable and fun.

* * * * (Stephen Moore)

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