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Released: 13th September 1999.

Tom Jones & The Cardigans - Burning Down The HouseThis is Tom's first single from his forthcoming covers album. It contains duets with All Saints and Robbie Williams, among others, so it seems strange that he's released the duet with The Cardigans instead of a higher profile one. Never mind, the song's good and proves that Tom is indeed a versatile artist, who can keep up with the times and still produce a modern pop song more than three decades after his career was launched.

* * * * (David Lucas)

Well, I never would have thought I'd like a Tom Jones song (my dad liking him and all), but this song is actually a real grower. The Cardigans definitely help Tom gain his cool points with me, but still, I think it's a really fun single, and hope it does well.

* * * * (Tom Hall)

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