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Released: 13th September 1999.

New Radicals - Someday We'll KnowBetween the release of their first hit single and this, the second single, the New Radicals have sadly broken up. However, they've said they will continue releasing singles from their album, so after a few months out of the public eye, they're back with this superb ballad. It shows just how much talent and potenial the band had, and how big the expections are for Greg Alexander's upcoming solo projects.

* * * * * (Gil Kazmir)

This is a pretty good song. It's not quite as catchy as "You Get What You Give", but it's got everything there - inspirational lyrics, an upbeat chorus, and of course, Greg's interesting voice. It's nice enough, but you can't help thinking that maybe it could be that little bit better.

* * * (Tom Hall)

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