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Released: 13th September 1999.

The summer of '95 was a great time for dance music. Livin' Joy, N-Trance (when they were good), Baby D, The Original, Strike, to name but a few. Makes you wonder where they all are now. As for Strike, they've tried and failed to recreate their Top 5 success, and now their lead singer wants to go it alone. So to remind us who she was, we get this re-release. The song's still great, but to be honest, no one wants to buy a four-year-old one hit wonder.

* * * (Amir)

Nostalgia really ain't what it used to be. Whatever we've done to deserve this resurrection, or should that be grave-robbing, let's all try not to do it again please. Yes in 1995 it seemed quite fun, but that was four years ago and we were recovering from a bad case of the Whigfields. Let this rest in peace.

* (Stephen Moore)

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