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Released: 20th September 1999.

S Club 7 - S Club PartyThe S Club's second single features Rachel doing her thing and Hannah screaming out for more (don't worry, it's only the words). This song is pop with a capital P, but it just doesn't have the same catchiness and feel good factor as their debut "Bring It All Back". It's still a definite hit, but it won't be as big as the first.

* * * * (David Lucas)

OK, so S Club 7 are managed by the ex-manager of the Spice Girls. It looks like this means they'll be taking the same career path as them. An R&B-tinged pop song after their debut, pure pop, song, is an attempt to gain these kids some cool points. Unfortunately it fails, especially with the lyric "Hootchie mamas, show your nanas." I wouldn't be surprised if their next single turns out to be a Christmassy ballad...

* * (Tom Hall)

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