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Released: 27th September 1999.

Gabrielle - SunshineGabrielle makes a welcome return after a two year break, and apart from the missing eye-patch and a brand new hairstyle, it's like she's never been away. Her distinctive vocals over a laid-back summery R&B tune result in a wonderful song that, with a few listens, is hard to dislike. However, it would probably have benefited from being released while we were getting more, er, sunshine.

* * * * * (Amir)

Gabrielle's back with a slow, but nevertheless amazingly catchy, new single. It's R&B at its best, which will surely give her back her place in the UK music scene, from which she's been absent for a good while now. Definitely worth a listen or two and definitely worth your hard-earned cash!

* * * * * (DS)

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