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Released: 18th October 1999.

Eternal - What'cha Gonna DoWhat >are we gonna do? I'll tell you what, we're all gonna rush out and buy this upbeat, top quality R&B track from Eternal, who have now been slimmed to a two-piece. Sounding very TLC, this has proved that, despite having lost two members down the line, they can still reel out top material. This should definitely put the girls back onto the music scene after a two year absence.

* * * * * (DS)

Finally, after more than two years away, Eternal release a new single. On every album they've had an increased R&B feel, and this sounds more like modern US R&B than anything they've done before. The atmosphere is great, the harmonies are better than ever, and so is the video! If any song deserves to be No. 1, it's definitely this one.

* * * * * (Marvin van der Weyde)

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