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Released: 1st November 1999.

Geri Halliwell - Lift Me UpWhat an uplifting (excuse the pun) song from Geri. Her third solo single is your standard mid-tempo pop song and lacks the strength of her last. It does, however, contain the 'feel good factor', which should make it a huge chart smash. Check out the B-side cover of "Live And Let Die" for something a little spicier.

* * * * * (Malcolm Mclean)

Geri Halliwell may not have the best voice or the best lyrical usage in her work, but this single shows that, even after leaving the biggest pop group of the 90s, she still has some fight left in her. The song lacks creativity, but has a catchy tune, and reminds me a bit of Des'ree's "Life" for some reason - I guess it's just the bad lyrics in both songs. Still, it'll be a big hit to add to her two smash singles, and at least this time she sticks to English.

* * * (Dave Freeman)

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