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Released: 1st November 1999.

Tin Tin Out feat. Emma Bunton - What I AmFirstly, has anyone noticed how the Spicies debut solo singles are them with someone else? (Missy Elliot, Bryan Adams and now Tin Tin Out.) This sounds like any other Tin Tin Out single, an average mid-tempo with quite catchy vocals. The intro sounds a lot like the Corrs "What Can I Do", but the song lacks that something to propel it into the charts. Personally I'm still waiting for the Posh and Becks duet...!

* * * (David Lucas)

This really does scream out 'Corrs' to me (of course because it's produced by the same people), but it does seem to be better than Mel C and Geri's stuff, so I'll give the girl a break. It's pretty funky, pretty catchy, and although it has some slightly risqué lyrics, it should be a big hit.

* * * (Tom Hall)

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