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Released: 15th November 1999.

702 - You Don't KnowFollowing in the footsteps of Destiny's Child, American trio 702 release one of those new style, jerky sounding R&B tracks. I'm really into this style of music; however, whereas Destiny's Child's efforts grabbed me from the beginning, this takes a little getting used to. Not really on a par with their brilliant debut hit, "Where My Girls At?" but certainly worth a few listens to get you hooked.

* * * * (CJB)

After the amazing "Where My Girls At?", these American R&B hopefuls release a rather less-catchy follow-up. Although it's still good, it seems to lack any real commercial appeal and never really seems to go anywhere. Unlike some of the world's other female R&B groups, this song doesn't hold any substance and relies on the strong beats to keep it going. Quite disappointing!

* * (DS)

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