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Released: 22nd November 1999.

Boyzone - Everyday I Love YouBoyzone return with - shock horror - another ballad. Hey, it's not bad, so I'll let them off. Another Stephen and Ronan shared vocal, this is going to guarantee them another number one hit. The style is pretty much the same as every other Boyzone single, but I'm still waiting for their punk debut. Just one question - what are they doing in the video?

* * * * * (David Lucas)

Boyzone have had a lot of success over the past few years and, to give them credit, they've produced a lot of good records. But now they're in danger of all their songs sounding remarkably the same. Being "No Matter What Part 2", this single is bound to do very well. The vocals are pretty good and Ronan proves, once again, that he is a very good singer. I only wish they'd leave the security of this style and try something a bit different.

* * * (DS)

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