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Released: 22nd November 1999.

Melanie C - Northern StarThings haven't quite gone the right way for Mel C. Her debut solo single, "Goin' Down", 'only' entered the chart at No. 4, and her album peaked at No. 10... But this should all change with the release of "Northern Star", a perfectly seasoned ballad. Mel really pushes it this time, with a song that might just get to be a huge No. 1, and ought to be in the Christmas Top 5. A second "2 Become 1" perhaps?

* * * * * (Gil Kazmir)

After the release of "Goin' Down", we might have been tricked into believing Melanie C was a big rock chick. This single tells us otherwise, and shows why she is renowned for having the strongest voice in the Spice Girls. The song is inspirational, and is certain to give her credit as a great performer. So, another Spice Girl has a mega solo hit on her hands, which could be her first No. 1.

* * * * (Dave Freeman)

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