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Released: 22nd November 1999.

Martine McCutcheon - Talking In Your Sleep / Love Me"Talking In Your Sleep" is this year's BBC Children In Need charity single, so it's bound to get lots of exposure - on the BBC at least. The third track from Martine's "You, Me & Us" album, it's a ballad, and to be honest, it's a very nice one. In fact it's much better than "Perfect Moment", though I doubt it can scale the same heights.

* * * * (Amir)

The ex-Eastenders star returns to the charts with a slow ballad. One good thing about her is that, unlike a lot of other artists, her songs sound different. Another of her qualities are that she can actually sing! The combination of her great voice with the average production and mediocre song could have been better though.

* * * * (DS)

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