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Released: 22nd November 1999.

Phats & Small - ToniteThe third single from the brilliantly titled album "Now Phat's What I Small Music" is another 70s influenced track. Unlike the last two however, this one doesn't have a disco/funk sound, and is much more upbeat, catchy, and a pleasure to listen to. Also, unlike the last two, this track for some reason hasn't picked up much airplay, so could end up being their first single to miss the Top 10.

* * * * * (Amir)

Now here's one that's not a ballad. A dancey song, identical to the first two singles, that will be a huge hit at Christmas discos, but not many other places. My advice to Mr Phats and Mr Small is to get on and do something different, before they turn into The Vengaboys. Not as good as "Turn Around", but OK.

* * * (David Lucas)

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