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Released: 29th November 1999.

Atomic Kitten - Right NowThis trio of loud-mouthed scousers are the latest act tipped to blow up on the teeny pop scene. The trouble is, I'm 19, and I can't stop singing their debut single. "Right Now" has a disco vibe, and is sure to get people on the dance floor over the festive season. My only qualm: should a group aimed at kids really sing risqué lyrics like these?

* * * * (CJB)

Girl groups are becoming very popular at the moment. On one side there are talented ones like TLC, Eternal, Fierce and B*Witched. On the other side are the groups who are less about serious music and more about good looks. Atomic Kitten firmly fit into the second category. The song isn't brilliant, consisting of a fast disco beat and messy vocals, and, although catchy, I can't see it being among this year's biggest chart toppers.

* (DS)

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