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Released: 29th November 1999.

Wow, the second single in a row from Celine that ISN'T a ballad?! I liked her old stuff, but I love this! It's a modern, upbeat, pop track, and Celine's voice is as powerful as ever throughout. It's been very carefully produced, and is a good choice of single from what may be her last album for a while. It makes a nice change from her ballads at least!

* * * * * (DS)

Celine Dion, probably best known for her Titanic songtrack, releases something much more uptempo. Still, she doesn't refrain from letting us hear what she is vocally capable of. It manages to fit within the boundaries of what you would expect from Celine, and is a good song, but not a chart stormer.

* * * (oscar)

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