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Released: 29th November 1999.

Years after his death, Bob Marley seems to be making a big comeback. After his "collaboration" with Funkstar De Luxe, a new album is being released of Bob Marley songs re-made and covered by other artists. The big single from the album is this "duet" with Lauryn Hill, and it's well worth all the hype. A hip hop/reggae crossover classic, and one of the best singles of the year!

* * * * * (Tom Hall)

The fabulous Lauryn Hill combined with Bob Marley, what a mix! This song has an R&B feel to it, as well as the familiar reggae style of the Marley family. It's very catchy and well produced, and is a contender for my favourite song of the year, so go out and buy it! Do Bob Marley songs >never age?

* * * * * (Lee Knowles)

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