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Released: 20th March 2000.

This "precious" five-some failed to make an impact at the Eurovision Song Contest last year with their relatively weak "Say It Again". But now they return, almost a year on, with a stunning follow up which has made even me think twice about them! It's a catchy R&B/pop number which is a lot stronger than their debut single was. A welcome return from these girls - expect to see more of them.

* * * * * (DS)

Last year's British Eurovision entry return with a track that more than resembles past attempts from Britney Spears and Solid HarmoniE. Unfortunately, comparisons with the latter, a group who never made much of an impact in the UK, are more obvious. It has to be said though, the vocals are pretty good, and with looks straight from the catwalk, I personally wouldn't mind them sticking around for a while. A bit more originality next time please?!

* * * (CJB)

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