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Released: 6th December 1999.

Vengaboys - Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)Alas, the end of 1999 will not bring an end to the Vengaboys. Again they've released a song that looks and sounds exactly the same as their previous ones, and the fact that one of the guys has left the band (but can still be seen in the video) is no reason for the producers to quit. Can't blame them, their wallets must be pretty full by now.

* (oscar)

The Vengaboys are like a bad joke. You can stand it once, but when repeated several times, it gets annoying! This single, like all their previous ones, is a meaningless and tacky piece of cheap pop. If you're really desperate for something to dance to and everything else is sold out... then you should get this. Otherwise, please don't!

* (Aneta Janssen)

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