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Released: 13th December 1999.

If you've ever been to the Hampster Dance (yes, hamPster) website, you'll already know a lot about this yodelling hamster. In an attempt to cash in on the success of the popular site, The Cuban Boys have done a pretty good job of remixing the hamster's singing. There isn't much to it, and the hamster only does one line over and over again, but it won't be long before you're addicted!

* * * * (DS)

What a weird, weird song. But it's still very cool and will probably be a big hit, who knows? As for the video, it's quite possibly the most surreal thing ever! This is actually one of the few dance songs I've liked this year, probably because it doesn't fit into the usual cookie-cutter mould, and it deserves to be a hit for innovation alone.

* * * (Tom Hall)

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