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Released: 13th December 1999.

John Lennon - ImagineAfter winning practically every "Best Thing Ever" award that it could possibly be entered for, "Imagine" gets a well deserved re-release. It's tragic to see a jewel like this lying among so much of the dross that passes for Christmas singles. If you're in a record shop this week and you don't buy this single then you're probably breaking a good taste law. The TRUE Christmas No. 1.

* * * * * (Stephen Moore)

19 years after John Lennon's death, what is arguably the best song ever written gets its third re-release. With "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" and "Give Peace A Chance" as the B-sides, this would make a fitting No. 1 to mark the end of the millennium. Unfortunately, with such strong competition - plus the fact that many people already own a version of the song - this seems unlikely.

* * * * * (Amir)

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