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Released: 13th December 2004.

Lindsay Lohan - Speak"I wanna come first!" screams Linsday Lohan over an euphoric synth-pop beat with snappy electric guitars, 1 minute and 10 seconds into her debut album. What the hell is happening?! An attempt to break into the music world was inevitable for the actress, but do we really need it?

If you steer clear of her faux-pas attempts to be Britney Spears on "Rumours" and "Speak", you'll find a decent piece of great angsty pop. The punchy pop-rock which "First" sets out is continued on tracks like "Anything But Me" and the quirky "Symptoms Of You", where soft piano riffs are intercut with drums and guitars to great effect.

It is, however, on love-lawn rock ballads, such as "Something I Never Had", "Nobody Till You" and the second single, "Over", that Lohan shines through.

While the mind boggles as to how, and why seven songwriters and four producers came together to create one song ("Disconnected"), there is no denying that this is a good record. It might not be that raw, but it's a polished attempt that lacks filler. It's Avril Lavigne with lip-gloss and fake boobs.

* * * * (Dan Hughes)

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