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Released: 18th April 2005.

Mark Owen - How The Mighty FallThis is Mark Owen's third album and his most personal yet. But does it equal self-indulgent drivel?

Free from the shackles of his old record company, "How The Mighty Fall" comes out on the man's own label, Sedna Records.

From the superb opener "They Do", into the touching ballad "Sorry Lately", through last year's summer release "Makin Out", it then flows nicely into the 1920s-style honkytonk piano of "Waiting For The Girl".

The mistery of the album's title is revealed in "Believe In The Boogie", ("from the Albert Hall to the Uni ball how the mighty fall"), while "3:15" delivers Scissor Sisters-style funk.

"How The Mighty Fall" is the most defining Mark Owen record to date, so if you haven't reached for any of his CDs yet, make sure you give this one a spin.

* * * * (Georgie)

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