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Released: 13th December 1999.

S Club 7 - Two In A Million / You're My Number OneThe first side of S Club 7's third single sees them in fine ballad form, with Jo singing her heart out. The second side is more the S Club we've come to know; Motown, with a catchy chorus. "Two In A Million" is a perfect Christmas snog song, and "You're My Number One" will be great for Christmas discos. A definite Christmas No. 1 contender.

* * * * * (David Lucas)

Simon Fuller's latest brainchild continues to steamroller everything in its path. "Two In A Million" is a Christmas single in the great tradition of, er, "2 Become 1" by the Spice Girls. It's another S Club 7 track, to be honest they all sound pretty much identical. This one's just a little slower. The kids will love it, but ultimately no better than a yodelling hamster.

* * * (Stephen Moore)

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