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Released: 4th April 2005.

Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The Days"Starting today I'm not gonna waste another moment..." begins Imbruglia's third album. Where previous effort, "White Lillies Island" showcased the artist's writing skills, this puts Imbruglia's vocals in the spotlight.

The instantly likeable up-beat pop tunes are closer to "Torn" than any indie aspirations Imbruglia might have had in the past, as the album lacks the hypnotic riffs or gritty thematics.

"Satisfied", written by Natalie's husband and Silverchair's front man Daniel Johns, charms with its quirky retro feel, while showcasing a real sense of excitement to Natalie's vocals. Yet the best example of Imbruglia's vocal progress is the moody piano-led "On The Run".

The rocky "Sanctuary" and "Perfectly" will energise you with the infectious tunes, but the surprise comes in the form of "Honeycombe Child". The musicbox and layered harmonies are Bjorkesque at times, yet the song sounds like a magical chant Tori Amos could have recorded.

This album manages to bridge the gap between Natalie's previous two albums and although lyrically cringe-worthy at times, the laid back, summery vibe is pleasant enough.

* * * (Rich D)

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