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Released: 25th April 2005.

Destiny's Child - GirlThe reviews of Destiny's child latest album "Destiny Fulfilled" have been anything but positive to say the least. Still, it's not all bad, and this third single from it is up there with all the classic anthems the girls have recorded over the years. The "Sex And The City" spoof video should help ensure this gets enough promotion to give the girls another hit to add to their already impressive back catalogue.

* * * * (Dazzle)

Destiny's Child are back with the third single from their poorly rated "Destiny Fulfilled" album. "Girl" may be a nice track, but unfortunately it's far from amazing. It sees the girls telling us not to mess with them and dealing with the heartbreak of love. After the bland "Soldier" this is a step up, but is nothing like their previous work. It's catchy for a short while, but becomes dull after further listens. Disappointing to be honest.

* * (westhammer)

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