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Released: 25th April 2005.

Could we really see this song at No. 1 again, barely three years since the first time? Back in 2002 this surprise hit was a bit of a football anthem, but this time around it's the last in a scarily long list of 18 No. 1 re-releases for the King. "A Little Less Conversation" put quirky dance act Junkie XL on the map for the first time, though they weren't quick enough to follow it up. A finalist on ITV's "Record Of The Year" show and one of the biggest selling singles of the millennium so far, it's starting to sound a little dated - although, of course, not nearly as dated as some of the No. 1s 2005 has already produced, courtesy of Elvis. The jury's still out, but it is a great song.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

People around the country will be breathing a huge sigh of relief this week, as we finally reach the end of the Elvis Presley re-release series. So, it's all over bar the dance remix. Yes, this might only be about three years old, and therefore not exactly needing a re-release, but rules are rules and it has to be dusted down - albeit much less dusty than the other ones. I think it's safe to say that the Elvis estate is now much richer, but also much more disliked, and the general public have become even more sick of Elvis Presley than ever before. Well done guys!

* * * (matthew_dixon)

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