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Released: 9th May 2005.

What was he thinking? Some theme songs make for good samples in rap music, but the theme from "Austin Powers" just doesn't work here. Then there are the lyrics, which are so egotistical, especially considering the song itself is nowhere near No. 1 material! The B-Side, "Get Back", is at least somewhat catchy, and better than "Number One Spot", but Ludacris has still released much better songs than this rather weak effort.

* * (FreakyFlyBry)

Ludacris is one of the most creative rappers around. His songs make you want to dance and have fun, and he always has the most memorable choruses. With that in mind, his latest single "Number One Spot" is such a shocking downgrade. Not only is the song boring, but the lyrics are annoying. You can't dance to it, or even nod your head to the beat. The creative juices weren't flowing when it came to writing this one. I'd be surprised if this manages to hit the No. 1 spot anywhere in the world.

* (bronxbadboi)

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