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Released: 25th April 2005.

After ditching a rockier sound for a power ballad on their last single "Staring At The Sun", Rooster return to the sound that gave them their first hit on the latest release from their self-titled album. "You're So Right For Me" has a fantastic hook that will captivate you right from the opening chords. With songs as good as this, it's no wonder why Rooster are being hailed as the next big thing.

* * * * (Dazzle)

I'm disappointed, quite frankly. After the great "Come Get Some" and one of the best tracks of 2005, "Staring At The Sun", Rooster's new single has more of the formulaic, 'tough rock song' sound we're already used to from so many other bands. It lacks the Rooster edge, and really is the worst thing they've done so far.

* * (Tiger)

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