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Released: 2nd May 2005.

Akon - LonelyWhen I first heard "Locked Up", I thought it was amazing, but that Akon would remain a one-hit-wonder. How wrong I was, as his second single looks set to totally eclipse the aforementioned track. Akon has an incredibly soulful voice, whilst not forever sounding like he's either looking for sex or trying to appeal to the 'laydeez' only. On this ballad of heartbreak, he's showing off a real sensitive side, but you can't help laughing at it. That's because he's taken a sample from an old 60s crooner, but then sped it up so much that it sounds more like The Chipmunks are singing it. A really good fun track that deserves to be a truly massive hit.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

Every so often there's an absolutely awful single that gets a vast amount of hype, and here is the current offender. "Lonely" is basically nothing more than a generic piece of American R&B that we've all heard before, except this time it comes complete with unbearable hamster vocals. You could have given him a point for originality there, if Kanye West hadn't already done the same thing last year with "Through The Wire". In a nutshell, I personally think that "Lonely" is up there with the worst singles ever released, and it solemnly deserves to flop. Unfortunately, due to all the hype, it's undeservedly a contender for the top spot this week.

* (flea)

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