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Released: 9th May 2005.

It's been around for about three years, and now "Shined On Me" gets another chance with a re-release. Packed with a new collection of remixes, this catchy house number works really well for the start of the summer. A 70s-styled song, it sounds old fashioned due to the piano and Andrea's soulful vocals, but also fresh thanks to the funky beat. "Shined On Me" is very simple but catchy, so the Praise Cats have all they need to secure a well deserved Top 20 hit.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

After having been released a couple of years ago and failing to reach the Top 40, this week sees another stab at the charts for this house tune. Yet still, I can't really seem to find anything positive to say about it. It's repetitive, the lyrics are nothing to shout about, the beat is terribly grating and the vocals don't seem to fit the song at all. Please, avoid this at all costs - even if you're really into house music.

* (Terence)

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