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Released: 2nd May 2005.

The Killers - Smile Like You Mean ItFrom "Hot Fuss", The Killers have come up with another different, but equally fantastic, gem of a single. "Smile Like You Mean It" is much more subdued than the likes of "Mr Brightside", but the unique lyrics and Brandon Flowers' strong and distinctive vocals make this one stand out. Expect another big hit.

* * * * * (Paul Matthews)

The Killers have really taken off since their recent Top 5 smash "Somebody Told Me" and are capitalising by releasing a fourth single from the album. Although it was a logical choice of release, it's a song that's more of a grower, unlike their instantly catchy last single. The song is only really an average standard guitar track from the album, and while there is stronger material on there, it's certainly a good change of tempo for what is likely to be their final release from "Hot Fuss".

* * * (Steophonic)

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